Our Vision, Mission, and Goals


While recognizing that the needs, methods, and structures of education in the twenty-first century will evolve in ways as yet unforeseen, we envision that Shead High School will educate individuals to possess the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to function effectively in the family setting, workplace, and society of the future. These necessary qualities include self-discipline and self-motivation, the desire to actively pursue knowledge, the ability to think logically and critically, to make wise decisions, and to discover truth, civic-mindedness, the willingness to accept responsibility, and a sense of justice and fair play.


In partnership with home and community, Shead High School will teach the knowledge, attitudes, and skills required for a successful, productive life in the twenty-first century.


Shead High School encourages partnerships between educators, students and their families, and community members, while instilling within the students:

  • Academic excellence, which includes communication and literacy skills, habits of inquiry and critical thinking ability.
  • Problem solving ability.
  • A sense of self worth.
  • A respect for cultural diversity in both the school and community.
  • An appreciation of the arts.
  • The ability to manage time wisely.
  • A respect for and willingness towards providing community service.
  • A respect for the environment.
  • The ability to reason ethically and make rational decisions.
  • A sense of personal responsibility and the desire to work continually towards the fulfillment of intellectual, social and physical potential, and a better community, nation, and world for living and learning.
  • The ability to be life long learners through the Maine Learning Results.