EES Life Science 6-8

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This course is designed to teach the Life Science portion of the Maine Learning Result standards covering the Living Environment. There are five major categories specific to this section of the standards covering: Biodiversity, Ecosystems, Cells, Heredity and Reproduction, and Evolution.

The course will combine lecture, readings, literature research, and investigations to develop understanding and mastery of the content where feasible.

This online tool will be used to allow students in the class to track where they have been, where they are, and where they are going with the material. If missing class for any reason, this is one of the resources that should help to keep up with the material. This resource will not be used as a gradebook tool for this course. The gradebook will be Web2School.

Parents are encouraged to view posts and monitor their students progress in the course; however, they should not post or contribute content to the site. This is a student, virtual classroom tool. Also, they are reminded that contributions to the site are part of the learning process and students should feel comfortable knowing that any material posted in this are is not subject to public scrutiny. Most of the content in this environment is not visible to other members of the class. An exception to this will be some of the collaboration activities that will allow students to have discussions about the material in the class or to ask the teachers questions that others may find helpful as well. This is not a personal chat room for non-class related discussions.

Anyone using this tool should be aware that all content is monitored and is subject to school rules. Inappropriate behavior, content, language, or etiquette will be referred to the office and result in disciplinary action as well as loss of grade points. Any student that feels that their account has been compromised should report this to the teacher right away. At no time should passwords be shared or transferred to others because you are responsible for the material posted under your account. Again, all traffic and activity on this site may be logged and monitored for appropriate use.

Anyone who finds material on the site that is not appropriate should report this to the teacher for immediate review.

This course requires an enrolment key