Schedule of Topics and Assignments for Graphics Design
2008 - 2009 Term 2

Instructor: David Consalvi

Week Topic Discussion Assignment Due Date
Color & Fonts Discussion 1 opens Dec 1. Discuss how color and fonts can be used to convey information in different ways depending on the environment or purpose. Submit a color scheme and font selection for the yearbook. Dec 5, 2008
Business Cards and Logos Discussion 1 closes Dec 12. Reply to each others posts. Develop an original logo for an authentic or made up product or business. Then use the logo on a business card. Dec 19, 2008
Advertisements Discussion 2 opens Dec 12. Give at least 2 examples of good and bad advertisements. With each example provide specifics as to why it falls in to the category you chose for it and what you would do to improve the ad. Solicit a new advertising account for the yearbook and develop a layout for the ad. (2 ads per student) Dec 19, 2008
Theme Pages Discussion 2 closes Dec 22. Reply to each others posts. Create a theme page or section for the yearbook. Jan 9, 2009
Sales Flyers Discussion 3 opens Jan 3. Discuss how themes can be used to provide interest and enhance a layout. Develop a sales flyer for yearbook sales. Jan 16, 2009
Informational Flyers Discussion 3 closes Jan 12. Reply to each others posts. Develop an informational flyer for use in a public venue. Jan 23, 2009
Covers Discussion 4 opens Jan 12. Discuss the benefits of a logo and what makes a logo good or bad. Give specifics that you intend to incorporate into your designs and why they will create a quality product. Submit original cover art for the yearbook. Jan 30, 2009
Creative Pages Discussion 4 closes Jan 30. Reply to each others posts. Create a creative page for the yearbook. Feb 6, 2009
Image Manipulation Discussion 5 opens Jan 30. How has technology developed over time to change the way we recieve visual stimuli? Is there still truth to the saying, "Seeing is believing?" Implant yourself in another setting using image manipulation. Feb 13, 2009
Individual Design Projects Discussion 5 closes Feb 13. Reply to each others posts. Develop an original piece of work that illustrates your development in this course. March 3, 2009
Digital portfolios of all work in this course will be submitted at the end of the term.

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