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Graphics Design Syllabus

Instructor: David Consalvi

Contact Information:

Email: for private questions about things specific to your individual performance.
Moodle discussion board for general questions that may pertain to everyone.
Phone: 207-853-6254
Or you may schedule a time to meet.

Course Description

The Graphic Design course is designed to offer students a chance to develop greater understanding of how to use technology to produce visual products. Students will use various graphics programs, imaging devices, and design strategies to develop products for use in various ways in and out of the school. One component of the course will be to collaboratively create and self-publish a yearbook for Shead High School. Students with an interest in technology, design, or creativity should consider this course. The course is worth 0.5 elective credit and is open to anyone depending on space availability.

Classroom Rules

Students will be required to follow all safety procedures in order to participate in the lab activities*. Due to the difficulty of setting up labs, students should avoid missing these days. Labs may not be able to be made up and a substitute project may be assigned as an alternate.

*If dismissed from a lab for behavior reasons, students will receive a zero on that assignment and NOT be given the opportunity to make up the grade.

Students will be in class on time and ready to begin when the bell rings. This means they will be prepared with a pencil, paper, and necessary materials for every class.

If students miss class, they are responsible for the material and arranging to make up missing assignments if excused. Students should try to obtain the notes and assignments from fellow classmates. I will not seek out the student to give them missed work. The time allowed to make up work will follow the policy in the Shead Student Handbook. Work assigned prior to the absence is to be submitted upon return.

Materials Needed

Students must have a signed School Internet Use Form and Class Technology Use Form submitted or they will be removed from the course. Students may access the Moodle class through This also has a schedule of assignments and due dates.

It is strongly suggested that students have a USB Computer Memory Key to store and transport files for the course.

Texts and Resources

This course does not have a textbook and will use the Internet for reference sources and topics of discussion as well as in class reference books.

Course Content

  • Color / Font Scheme – develop a consensus on the color and font scheme for the yearbook.
  • Yearbook Cover – develop a yearbook cover page – class will select from these which one is this year’s cover.
  • Yearbook Advertisements – sell at least one new advertisement for the yearbook and design the ad for printing.
  • Yearbook Sales Advertisement – develop an advertisement for yearbook sales – all of these will be printed and used – one may be run in Quoddy Tides.
  • Yearbook Theme Page – develop a yearbook page or pages that complete a pre-approved theme.
  • Yearbook Creative Page – develop a page for use in the yearbook that has no purpose other than to entertain.
  • Complete the Shead Yearbook by May 2nd.
  • Business Card – develop a business card with Logo for yourself or someone else.
  • Informational Flyer – develop a flyer for a promotional event or to convey information such as rules and regulations.
  • Image Manipulation – every student needs to have a picture of themselves input into an unrealistic scenario.
  • Individual Design – develop a design for a project of your choosing using techniques from class.

Class Grading System

This course is based on participation and portfolio development. Students who keep on track completing their work and developing products should have no difficulties succeeding in the final portfolio review. Students are encouraged to revise their initial assignments to make improvements as the course progresses for the final portfolio.

The course will also have a deadline that must be met. There will be a reward / penalty based around the deadline for the completion of the Shead Yearbook that should be ready for submission to the printer by no later than May 2, 2008. Every student is responsible for meeting this deadline and supporting their peers in getting this done. Early completion of the project to instructor standards will add 1 percentage point to each student’s final grade up to a 100%. Likewise, every student in the class will lose 1 point per day from their final grade for late completion until the project goal is met.

Assignments will be due on time or the loss of an additional 10 percent for each day late will be the consequence. Students with time accommodations on file will have 1-1/2 the original time if approved before the due date. The additional time must be outside of regular class time and assumes that the student is using the available time in class appropriately. After that, the loss of grade will be the same. It is the student’s responsibility to let me know they will need the additional time and arrange for assistance before the due date.

Students are responsible for all material and assignments given prior to their absence. If a student is absent and has not completed already assigned material upon returning to school, it will be considered late.

The grades will be based on the following breakdown:

10 pts Online discussion – 5 discussions x 2 points
40 pts Mini-projects – 10 mini-projects x 4 points
20 pts Final Portfolio – presentation and products
30 pts Participation – 10 weeks x 3 points


This will be a challenging course, but entertaining as well. If you have a particular interest that you would like to pursue, see me and we will try to arrange a way for the school resources to assist you. It is my belief that students who engage in activities that interest them will develop greater knowledge than those who simply complete assignments. Both learning techniques however are deemed important and are therefore required.

How the Moodle Virtual Classroom Works

Once you come to the virtual classroom site, , there is a variety of class options to choose. Select the course that you are seeking. My courses all require a user name and password to enter. This enables parents and students to feel comfortable using the system. It is important not to give out your password. Submissions under your name are your responsibility and impact grades. If you feel you password has been compromised, notify your teacher immediately. Only members assigned by the course administrator can enter the course. Once in the course, grades are only visible to the individual responsible for them. The course outlines, assignments, forums, and more are open to anyone entering.

There are assignments, tutorials, notes, quizzes, and tests on the site to explore. The forums and chats are a means to post information to share with classmates that lead to increased ability to communicate understanding as well as simply find solutions to problems. All submissions and movements in the site are stored; therefore, I suggest that people do not post things they do not want to make public. Personal information or requests can be emailed to me at

Finally, it is important to be respectful when using the system. Remember to think about what you submit before posting it to the Virtual Classroom. This is a learning environment; therefore, proper grammar and etiquette are expected. Disciplinary action will be taken if inappropriate or disrespectful behavior is identified. All school policies apply to the use of the Virtual Classroom.


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