My name is Paul Theriault and I serve as the principal of Shead High School in Eastport, Maine. We are a small rural award-winning public high school on the beautiful coast of Maine. If you look at a map of Maine, follow up the coastline to that point at the eastern tip. You will find us there.

I have lived in the Eastport area most of my life. I graduated from Shead High School as did my wife and two daughters. My roots and belief in Shead run deep. I am proud of the work that we do everyday to help students learn and achieve. Being a small school helps us make this happen because of that personal connection between student and teacher. Our mantra is, “We Make it Personal.”

We pride ourselves in offering a solid academic foundation based on individual needs. We do this through a proactive approach of early detection of trouble areas, parental contact and staff intervention. This approach has stood the test of time of well-grounded educational practices. But we have done this in an electronically progressive manner. All students have access to their own iPads here at Shead. Our equally progressive staff has developed many of their classes using technology and online support. Much like online college courses, we take it a step further and offer that with everyday person contact.

The other benefits of our small school are that we can offer classes that students really want and need to succeed in the future. In fact, many of our electives have been generated from the ideas of students.  We have partnered with the University of Maine and Community College systems to offer early college courses and with the Eastport Arts Center to offer art courses with world-class and renowned artists. 

Our teaching staff is a vibrant group of dedicated and innovated educators. Their greatest strength lies in their ablilty to deliver quality teaching in both the academic and social aspects of school life. Some have advanced degrees and have taught at the post-secondary level. Our teachers are currently in the process of completely overhauling our curriculum to meet the standards of the “Common Core”. We are confident that this change will increase academic rigor and even better prepare our students for life after high school. 

But schools are, and should be, more than academics. Socially, this is a very caring place for students, parents and staff members. We do this in a proactive manner. Our staff and administration are in the halls and talk with students on a regular basis to get that personal feel of the school environment.

We also have a number of co- and extra-curricular groups and events. Everything from student government, to National Honor Society, to a student run FCC licensed radio and television station, to successful sports teams, and an award winning drama program, just to name a few.

Another important asset is our community support. Providing our students with one to one iPads was made possible through donations by The Bill and Joan Alfond Foundation and the Maine Community Foundation. The primary funding for our school greenhouse was made possible by the Berman and Cohen families. Mrs. Alfond and the Berman and Cohen families no longer live in the Eastport area but their belief in our school also run deep. The Eastport Port Authority is also a major supporter of our efforts, offering continuous funding of special projects that help imporve our school. Also, over $50,000 in college scholarships are given to our graduates every year, from local benefactors, to help them take that next step in their education. The Eastport taxpayers and City Council have also increased their financial support of our school over the past few years. All this support ensures that we can continue to bring a quality education to our students.

What more could you ask for – a wonderful small community based high school located on the pristine coast of Maine!

If you are looking for a high school that will meet your child’s needs we will make every effort to work with you. There is a lot going here at Shead. If you would like to find out more please give me a call at school – 207-853-6254 or home –207- 853-4443 or better yet come for a visit. You will not be disappointed.


Paul Theriault