Principal's Greeting: Welcome to Shead High School

My name is Paul Theriault and I serve as the principal of Shead High School in Eastport, Maine. We are a small rural award-winning public high school on the beautiful coast of Maine. If you look at a map of Maine, follow up the coastline to that point at the eastern tip. You will find us there.

I have lived in the Eastport area most of my life. I graduated from Shead High School as did my wife and two daughters. My roots and belief in Shead run deep. I am proud of the work that we do everyday to help students learn and achieve. Being a small school helps us make this happen because of that personal connection between student and teacher. Our mantra is, “We Make it Personal.”

Shead High School in the News

At Shead High School, we pride ourselves on being true to Wahsington County by "making it personal". At the same time, we are "on the creative edge" and making news. Follow the links below to find out some of the exciting things that are putting Shead High School in the news.

Yankee Magazine profiles Shead High School's Clarence E. Townsend Memorial Scholarship, telling the story of Mr. Townsend and 1995 Shead High School graduate Shirl Penney in "Here in New England: Life in Eastport, Maine".

Deborah Fallows profiles Shead High School for The Atlantic's American Futures Project in "Report From Rural Maine: What It Takes to Make a School".

Shead High School Holds 2nd Annual Gaming Marathon Fundraiser

On April 18th, 2015, Shead High School's "Cultural Studies: Gaming, Narrative and Culture" class and other interested Shead High School students held their 2nd Annual Games Are/For Art Gaming Marathon, a 12-hour gaming marathon to raise funds for the Eastport Arts Center and Eastern Maine Medical Center's Child and Adolescent Care Center. Prior to the event, students collected sponsors to contribute funds to these groups. In exchange for the contributions of sponsors, students played video games at Shead High School from 9 am to 9 pm on April 18th. This year seventeen students and two staff members played a total of 220 hours of games and raised over $1000.00!

The students who participated in the marathon and Mr. Brigham greatly appreciate any and all types of support that this event received.  This year we are particularly grateful to:

Preparing for the SmarterBalanced Assessment

On the afternoon January 23rd, staff from Eastport Elementary School and Shead High School convened for a professional development session relating to the upcoming SmarterBalanced assessment.  During this session, staff from both schools received training to help them prepare themselves and their students for the new Maine Educational Assessment (MEA) Math and English Language Arts/Literacy.

The following links are provided for staff and other interested parties to learn about this new assessment.

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